Lost and found business

Lost and found business
Posted 02. April 2018

What is the best business to start in your country?

That is the business when all you have to do is to start working without worrying about the initial cost of starting the business. Come join RewardHero lost and found service business. When we created RewardHero system, we wanted to create a system that will work as a franchise system for the individual company in their country. This exclusive representative would receive the keys to a constructed business idea.

All the company needs to do is to take care of public relations, marketing, and distribution of products. Check out how the RewardHero ID system works.
Created profits that the company manages to make in their country is the income of that company. Our business model is flexible and affordable because we want to give the chance for everybody willing to do the work.

The monthly cost for the RewardHero business franchise: 300 EUR
Company Responsibilities:
- promotion of the RewardHero system (PR, social marketing... )
- content marketing (translations, extra content)
- distribution of the product (shipping, new partners)
- adding new products for their country.
- customer support
- ensure monthly customer grow (min 5%)
- must be registered as a company

Company gains:
- monthly 25 RewardHero ID cards with labels for promotion or sale.
- monthly 100 EUR worth of promotion (Facebook advertising, SEO, Google ads)
- 30% profit in case of selling RewardHero ID cards;
- Free promotion of their own company business or name in case of comarketing
- unlimited marketing support and consulting

If you think that you have what it takes, or if you know somebody that would like to try the entrepreneur in him, then we recommend you to take a look at our RewardHero system. Our system for lost and found promotes honesty and can easily create great stories that can generate new sales of our system. Maybe now is a good time for you to become a true hero. Business hero. We are currently looking for representatives in Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary,
France, and England. But of course, if you want to represent your country you are welcome to join the RewardHero system for lost and found.

We are always thinking about how to evolve our business. Our next idea is Lost and found software. Check it out.

Think like a Hero, Be a Hero - Lost and Found Hero