Lost and found business

There's an incredible opportunity to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit with the Herq Lost and Found app. In 2023 and 2024, the first franchisee to kickstart the promotion of the Herq app in a given country will only have to pay an annual fee of EUR 500 or 1000, depending on whether the country's population is smaller or larger than 10 million people.

What could be the best company to start in your country? It could be - a business that allows you to start working right away, without fretting about the initial costs that are usually associated with starting a business. We invite you to become a part of HerQ lost and found service business.

RewardHero was designed with the intention of functioning like a franchise system, empowering individual companies as exclusive representatives in their respective countries. As such an agent, you will receive the keys to a business idea that has already been built and validated.

The main tasks of your company will be public relations, marketing and distribution of our products. The profits that your company generates in its territory will be divided in a ratio of 35% for the franchisee and 65% for the app development.

Our business model is designed to be flexible and affordable. We are particularly interested in giving this opportunity to those who are willing to commit, including younger people like students. Our goal is to make the business accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous entrepreneurial experience or current financial situation. Do not miss this great opportunity to start your own business with the Herq Lost and Found app.

Think like a Hero, Be a Hero - Lost and Found Hero

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