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How does Rewardhero work?

Every item bought in RewardHero.com store is equipped with special ID number.

1. Buy it!

In our online store you can buy items, that are usually easy to loose, or items that will help you, so you won't lose your stuff so often.

2. Automatic activation

Every item bought is equipped with a special RewardHero ID number that is automatically activated in the system.

3. System activation

If you lost an item protected with RewardHero ID number, you have the power to activate the search party with the click of the button.

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Rewardhero.com is service for lost and found. Everybody can use RewardHero.com with ease. All you need to do is to buy RewardHero ID protection and register your items like phones, wallet, USB sticks or pets. If your stuff gets lost, the finder, your hero can return what you have lost.

For now RewardHero service is being overhauled, but we will return soon with everything enabled. Till then please register your email as a RewardHero team of Heroes.

Best business to start in your country

What is the best business to start in your country? That is the business when all you have to is to start working without worrying for initial cost of starting the business. Come join RewardHero lost and found service business.

02. April 2018
What was lost during 2017 Oktoberfest?

What was lost during this year, Oktoberfest? Well, during this year Oltoberfest there were 4,530 lost and later found.

09. Oktober 2017
Ever lost a wallet?

Are you the type of person that carries your whole life in your wallet…  everything from your driver’s license, credit cards, What happens if you lose your wallet?

16. September 2017
Lost and found keys

Did you lose your car key, your office key, home key, safe key or some other key that unlocks all the secrets of your life? Losing keys can jeopardize your safety.

16. September 2017
Lost and found document

School documents, office documents, that important file; you worked yourself ragged on that project. When your documents are lost, there very little you can do. 

16. September 2017
Lost and found receipt

What were you thinking when you bought that electric nose clipper?! You decide to return it, but you can’t find that darn receipt anywhere! Maybe the clerk will remember you, but store policy won’t ever let him help you. There are a lot of situations where you need to keep receipts (for warranties, insurance, etc..), so here are some helpful hints.

16. September 2017

Rewardhero classic - ID protection

Our ID indentification label can be your safty line in case someone finds your stuff. All he has to do is to contact Rewardhero.com.

Rewardhero Glow in the dark

For everybody that can easily miss place your stuff. Our ID label is covered with Glow in the dark material, so in case of losing something, you can help yourself. All you need is darkness.