Program za izgubljeno in najdeno

Program za izgubljeno in najdeno
Objavljeno 21. Marec 2020

Are you organizing a music event or a sports event? You need to realize is that people are gonna be losing stuff at your event. So why not offer a solution for your customers that will be a peace of mind when someone loses something. Time that you provide better customer service with our RewardHero digital lost and found software. How does it work?

Every time your customer loses something, you will be able to offer great customer service no matter the case. Rewardhero digital lost and found online solution will offer you the option for inventory and claim management, where your visitors will be able to locate their lost items on a centralized dashboard, based on the description of the item or our custom  ID tags, that you will be able to print on your tickets or other identification items. The centralized dashboard will make it easy to categorize found items and easily and effectively communicate the finding to the owner. 

Rewardhero lost and found software offers:

  • Direkt communication option to notify the customers about their item being found
  • Unlimited creation of custom ID tags with your venue name in it.
  • Option to create and print  ID tags file directly from a centralized dashboard
  • Creation  of an Online Lost and Found venue page where customers can search for their items or file claim.
  • Verification tools to prove the ownership of the items  

With our transparent lost and found solution there will be a website dashboard where customers of your event can check 24/7/365 if their lost item was found and published on venue lost and fond site. Our lost and found software can and will decrease employee time spent on the subject matter and the process of returning and proving the ownership of the found items. 

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