Izgubljeno najdeno nakit

Izgubljeno najdeno nakit
Objavljeno 28. Avgust 2020

Lost and Found Baggage

                There would be a time when your baggage has been misplaced at a coffee shop or a shopping mall. If not, at least one person you witnessed who has suffered such a big loss. Wherever that happens, the frustration of such an occurrence can be huge, since we normally have lots of important and very significant items or even Laptops in it. So, losing such items can be very frustrating and depressing.

            So, it's very important to respond quickly and appropriately when you lose your baggage. In these circumstances, you feel automatically relieved if you are insured. But if you are not then it can be a huge loss.


We got your back!

            You do not have to search for them far and wide to track them down, either: our company will do all the hard work for you, we got you covered so that you have nothing to worry about. Our Lost and found service is the best option you got and will do whatever it takes to bring your baggage home. So, let us take care of the rest so you can have some peace of mind.

            We will make every effort to send your luggage to you as soon as possible. Your next move is to generate a lost baggage report either online or with our ground crew at the company for your baggage. Then you have to sit back and relax.

and if found, we will contact you directly to arrange for your luggage to be shipped as soon as it has arrived.


How our services work

                The services typically require you to buy a few kinds of marks, tags, or names and fasten them to the luggage you need to keep track of. The person who finds your missing luggage may either call a toll-free number or visit the website and type the identification number on the luggage.

The discoverer will be educated at that point, depending on the benefit, of a reward for returning the item — and which would be simply a supply, or one that the benefit gives (paid for by your membership expenses).

A few administrations essentially give you a message from the finder at this stage, enabling you to create your claim action courses for getting the thing back. In other cases, the profit organizes the discoverer for the mysterious return of the item (usually at your cost) and transfer of the compensation to the finder.

Unfortunately, even the promise of a reward does not lead to the return of stolen luggage. But the ID tags provided by our lost and found service can provide a way for them to get in touch with the rightful owner and arrange for the return of the items if the police later recover stolen items. When the police retrieve stolen goods and are unable to decide who owns them, then they will easily trace the real owner via our company's Id tag and then return them to the owner in no time.

In short, with our swift and reliable lost and found service, your lost luggage will be back in your home in no time. The main thing about our service which has been lost and found is that anyone can use it quickly.

What information do I need to make a Missing report?

Our Company's Lost and Found service form is the simplest and most reliable way to report lost baggage. When submitted, Lost and Found staff will be able to access all of your lost item details. For verification purposes, you will get a confirmation email with a case number. If you respond with additional missing item details to the confirmation email, it will be redirected automatically to the appropriate person/department handling your case.

You will need the following information to register a missing report of your baggage at our company:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • Your baggage ID tag number
  • Description of your lost bag (brand, size, color)
  • The place where it has been lost.
  • The date when the baggage was deemed missing.


Tracking your baggage

            After creating the missing report at our lost and found service, you receive a property missing report with an ID tag number via email or SMS. With this ID number, you can follow the status of your baggage being found or not.

If you have questions or more information regarding your baggage, our trained and experienced workers will help you. You'll find their contact information in the baggage missing report. You can also reach us via email or contact our Customer Service by phone.

In case your baggage has not been found within 72 hours, please provide us with more information through email.

Why us?

We have a specialized lost and found service that mainly deals with abandoned goods that have been stolen or left behind. This involves working closely with hotels, train stations, airports, and arenas for activities, as well as with businesses. That means our highly trained professionals working day and night to found your lost item and make sure that it reaches back to you safe and sound in the minimum time possible. We are also dedicated and have a trustworthy reputation within the industry for all other forms of courier work.