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Surely you have experienced losing your wallet. If not you, you must know at least one person that experienced this kind of loss. Regardless of who it happens to, the annoyances of such an event may be huge because we usually keep all extremely important documents or even a larger amount of money in our wallets.

Therefore, it is very important to swiftly and correctly react when losing your wallet. If you are insured for such cases, you instantly feel relieved at such a moment. Still, the cancellation and acquisition of new documents can be extremely annoying, even more than losing cash itself.

Blocking the card and reporting a theft in case of wallet loss
Before you act, it may be a good thing to check again if you misplaced your wallet or just left it somewhere and if it is still there. If you are completely certain you lost your wallet, the first thing to do is to suspend your bank account. This will prevent financial losses villains might cause.

If you suspect or are firmly convinced that the wallet has been stolen, it is essential to notify the police. Competent persons will prepare a report, which shall indicate that you were not negligent. This way you will have no problems with filing a claim at your insurance company and your bank. The loss of a personal identification card or a passport should be reported at the nearest administrative unit.

Where can you inquire about found items?
Here you can find the police report on found items online. If it happened abroad, it is best to contact local police or the hotel staff which shall direct you to the right address.

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Lost wallet can be a big problem!