CHIPOLO One spot


Chipolo one spot is one of the first trackers that you can log in to Find My, like Air Tag. This means Chipolo one spot is the first competitor of Air Tag. If you are a person that loses things very easily, then you need a tracker, that can help you solve this problem. Chipolo one spot is a very loud tracker, so you can hear it very well. It has a hole so you can put it on a keychain without buying a case to put it on your keys. There is also a Chipolo card spot that you can put in your wallet. Because Chipolo one spot is in Find my, a lot of people can rich our Chipolo, because there are more people with an iPhone than an Android phone. 

To register a Chipolo one spot in Find my, you have to first open the app, chose Item, and click on Add new Item, where you will see an option Other Supported Item. When you click on that, the Find My app will start searching and in the meantime, you can press the button on your Chipolo. That is it. Now your Chipolo is in your Find My app and you can start using it.

Chipolo has some pros and some cons. Pros are: it has a long-lasting battery. More people can rich your lost Item because it works only on iPhone. Chipolo Card Spot is very thin and it fits nicely in our wallet. The Chipolo one spot has a hole, so you don’t need to buy a case for it but you can just put it on your keys. It has a good price.

There are also some cons. Cons are: it is very loud. It doesn’t have a white band like the Air Tag, so you need to follow the voice. The Chipolo one spot is quite big. Chipolo only offers a Chipolo and a Chipolo card and that is it. In comparison to Tile, Tile has more options. Chipolo one spot is not available for people with an Android phone. Chipolo is good only for finding things in the room. It doesn’t have a long range for searching for your lost item, so if you lose something somewhere outside, you won’t be able to find it with your app.