Lost and Found Tags

Lost and Found Tag

Our Lost and Found RewardHero Tag solution is a unique code-based, lost and found tag system. Use RewardHero Tags to better protect your items. If lost, a
finder can retype the code without any problem. We don't use QR Codes because we saw that people don't scan QR codes as much as they like to read the tag. Once retyped, a notification is sent to the owner of the item.

No matter what you want to protect, your luggage, your keys, or your computer, we have a solution for you. RewardHero ID Tags come in three different product types to suit any application: Stickon ID Tags, Luggage Tags & KeyRing Tags. Our Lost and Found Tag system is discrete, lightweight, and unintrusive. The tag
does not require any batteries, so you don't need to worry about the status of the batteries. RewardHero Tag doesn't need any apps or other gadgets. We designed it so it is simple to activate and use, and simple to understand even if you don't know what RewardHero is. An ID tag protects your personal data, so you have the high ground on how to proceed with contacting your HERO. Once the finder reacts, you receive the hero's contact information, so you can decide on how you are going to contact him.

If you want to become a RewardHero partner for your country, check the Lost & Found Business page

RewardHero ID Tag is the ultimate protection you can buy for your assets.

• You have a secondary option to get your stuff back while still protecting your personal data.
• You have an online dashboard where you can sound the alarm and notify the heroes in your area.
• You can choose your own style and size of the ID tag, with no limit to the number of ID tags you can connect to your account.
• You have a system that works globally
• You don't have to worry about subscriptions, because there are none.
• And best of all, the tags are already linked to your name, so you don't have to worry about activating the individual ID tag.

Think like a Hero, Be a Hero - Lost and Found Hero

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