We're looking for a RewardHero promoter

Posted 07. November 2018

The RewardHero system was being developed for two reasons:

The first reason was to create a platform that helps people in the moment of distress when someone lose something and they don't know what to do to quickly find the lost item.
The second reason was to create a platform to empower an individual to become an entrepreneur in his area or his country with minimal costs or no cost at all.
And no matter the RewardHero franchise system where monthly cost is present, the RewardHero promotional system allows you to operate in a country without any money input.

So what are the obligations and advantages of the RewardhHero promotor?
- the promoter must translate the website into his native language.
- The promoter is available to users for additional explanations and help.
- the promoter can independently develop a sub-site on RewardHero domain;
- the promoter can set up his own network of local followers on the social network;
- The promoter can independently add local products to the RewardHero offer.
- etc ..

And what's the promoter award? The reward is big and long-term, but to find out more, send us email to info@rewardhero.com