We are developing new app for lost & found

Have you ever lost something at a concert you were really looking forward to and now wish you had not gone in the first place?
Well, that happens to a lot of people, because a lot of things get lost after a concert. When people start cleaning up, they find all kinds of things. They can even find very important things like cell phones, wallets, IDs, and so on.

When we go to a concert, we want to have fun and enjoy ourselves without worrying about anything. It is best if we go to a concert light, but that does not mean we will leave our wallets at home. This is one of the most important items that we own and need everywhere. So it's easy to lose this thing.

What do they do with these lost items after they collect them? Well, many concert organizers have their own lost and found offices where you can pick up your lost items. Not all of them do, but a lot of them end up there. The problem is that there are people who like to steal, so sometimes the l staff have problems. They cannot really prove that a camera belongs to them. With a phone or a wallet, it's easier. But what about a lost, dead camera? You can ask any question about the camera and see if the answer is correct, but there is no guarantee. Many people do not notice the loss of an item until they are already home.

After concerts, some items can be returned and sent back to their owners. Some items can be posted online so they can be found, but this is very risky. Unfortunately, some items never see their owners again because many people just resign themselves to the fact that the items are lost and there is nothing they can do about it.

We are developing an app for you right now. It will have many different functions. You'll be able to post anything you have lost so that people who find it can return it to you.