Report lost, report found

Posted 04. November 2018

RewardHero is a system that in its essence enables the users that protected their items with RewardHero ID code spread the word easily when their stuff is lost. But many people are not using the RewardHero system yet, but they are still in need to report that their stuff is lost or when someone founds an object and would like to return it ASAP.

That is something we want to enable all such users of the RewardHero system, as well as those who are not active users of the system. Everybody needs to be able to inform that an item has been lost or found. That's why we will promote your post on our social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) if you follow the following guidelines. 

- use and tag RewardHero @lostandfoundtag in your post;
- Define in details on your post what exactly you have lost;
- if you can also attach a photo of the product that you lost or found;
- Add #location where you found or lost the item;
- add your contact information.

On social networks, we constantly share information about what people have lost or found, even if they do not follow all the guidelines above. However, the above-mentioned tips will surely help you and us to make it easier to report lost or return found.