Missing Passport? Five Things To Do

Traveling abroad is always a great experience. Whether for pleasure or migration, you will indeed have a swell moment. However, things can turn sour when you discover that your passport has gone missing.

Meanwhile, this is not your country. You might not know who to speak to or approach. Don't worry. We have reviewed the steps to take in case you lose your passport.

Report a Lost Passport to the Police 

Once you discover that your passport has gone missing, you should cancel all pleasure-seeking trips. The first place you should visit is the police station. At the station, you will file a report of theft or loss of your passport.

You understand that the passport is one of the essential documents for traveling. If it is lost and not reported, it can dent your image, especially when it is used for unlawful activity. You might be sent back to your home country. Also, you might be restricted from visiting that country even in the nearest future.

However, reporting a stolen or missing passport will save you from the wrath of the law if your missing passport is used for fraudulent activity. When you report a lost passport, you will be given a police report as proof. It will describe the circumstances that surround the stolen or missing passport.

This will also facilitate other processes for getting a new one or an emergency one for returning to your home country.

Report a stolen or lost passport at the consulate of your country

Once you are done at the police station, your next visit should be to the nearest consulate of your country. At the embassy or consulate, you will inform them about the situation of things with your passport.

It will be registered in their data that your passport is reported missing. In case anyone else should use it, this can come in handy. 

Get a Temporary Passport

Getting a new passport in a foreign country is not impossible. However, it takes time. And you will not be allowed to fly out of the country without a passport. What happens in most cases, especially for tourists, is that they are being given an emergency passport to enable them to travel back to their country. If you are a tourist and you are returning to your home country soon, you will be given an emergency passport. However, if you are an immigrant, you will have to wait until the process is over for getting a new passport and this comes with extra cost.

Get your documents ready

If you are getting a new passport, you must provide all the needed documents and ideally a police report of the stolen passport.

Although the police report is not mandatory as you can get the passport without it, it can help with issuing a new one faster. A way to save you time and energy during the report is to carry a copy of your passport information page.

Prepare to pay

If you are a foreign traveler, you are expected to pay a sum of $110 to acquire a new passport. This fee must be completed at the time of application.

However, if you are a victim of disaster or crime, you might be exempted from paying that fee. An emergency passport will be issued for you.


If you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, do not let it ruin your moment. Let this review be your guide to get out of that mess.

While we understand that some things are inevitable, we still advise you that you keep your items safe when you travel abroad, whether for vacation or migration.