Lost wallet

LOST Wallet?

Surely your wallet has been misplaced. If not, at least one person you witnessed who has suffered such a loss. Wherever that happens, the frustration of such an occurrence can be immense, since we normally have in our wallets all very significant documents or even more money. 

Therefore, reacting quickly and properly when you lose your wallet is very important. In these cases, whether you are insured, you feel immediately relieved. However, it can be incredibly frustrating to cancel and buy new paperwork, rather than to lose cash by itself.

It's pouring rain outside, you're running late for a morning meeting, and you just remembered you couldn't find your wallet. Do not waste thirty minutes tearing apart the house in search of the missing bifold. We're here to help you out!

Register in to our Lost and Found service

The definition is very simple. Do you have such valuable things that you can’t lose, nor are you so absent that you would almost certainly have them? To obtain a registration number, log in to our Lost and Found service. You will receive a key ring and many stickers with the same number. You can stick one of them on your wallet. Immediately after you register, you lose your wallet and the most important things with it. Then something pleasant happens. An unknown person or one of our employees finds your wallet, follows the instructions on the sticker, and enters your ID code. Based on the ID code, it retrieves your information and returns your wallet. See how easy that is?

Benefits of ID tags service

As usual in every person's this question clicks that what if there was a general service that was all-purpose lost-and-found that didn't need you to know where your belongings went missing? And wouldn't it be wonderful if the finder had an opportunity to return your missing precious belongings instead of just stealing it or selling it out? To fulfill this purpose, we introduced the id tags for every item.

By providing the ID tags to the wallets, it would give it an identity in our system so when you lose your precious wallet, the individual who finds your lost wallet can either call a toll-free number or visit the website and enter the ID number on the wallet. Depending on the benefit, the discoverer may at that point be educated of a reward for returning the item. At this point, a few administrations send you a message from the finder—allowing you to create your claim courses of action for getting the thing back.

We have also trained and skilled workers throughout the city to cover the whole area. So, if something unfortunate circumstance happens, they give their best to track it down and bring back your precious item to you safe and sound as soon as possible.

Usually, the programs require you to buy labels, stickers, or names of a few kinds and fasten them to the things you need to keep track of. The individual who finds your lost thing can either call a toll-free number or visit the website and enter the ID number on the name.

Advanced search

We have also collaborated with local and regional companies in sending found products to our matching system. This helps optimize scope and provides users with a higher success rate when trying to locate and recover the missing property.

Register as a HERO.

How do I report a lost wallet?

Our Company's Lost and Found service form is the simplest and most reliable way to report a lost wallet. When submitted, Lost and Found staff will be able to access all of your lost item details. For verification purposes, you will get a confirmation email with a case number. If you respond with additional missing item details to the confirmation email, it will be redirected automatically to the appropriate person/department handling your case.

How will I know that my item has been recovered?

If your item is retrieved, our company's Lost and the Found team member will contact you by phone. The product can be obtained or sent to you after your verification. It may include the ID tag number or some more details regarding your product.

How do I claim my lost Wallet?

To validate the missing wallet, you have to attend our company’s Office or contact us via email or phone and also provide:

  • Wallet definition (design).
  • The place where it has been lost.
  • The date when the wallet was deemed missing.
  • Picture ID Valid (Government ID).
  • Id tag number of the wallet.