Lost animals

Lost animals
Posted 20. April 2019

Lost animals can be a major problem in someone's life. Whether your dog or your cat or some other pet is lost it's always the same thing. Lost animals can represent a financial burden, as well as the big waiste of time. Speaking of the financial burden, we are talking, of course, about spending time and money on finding your lost animal. And when we speak about time burden, however, we are talking about every minute of thinking and searching for your lost animal.

So what can you do if your pet gets lost?

1. For starters, you can make sure that your pet is inserted into a veterinarian's database, and that your pets are appropriately chipped or equipped with a collar and a pendant on which your data or RewardHero ID is shown. In case your is lost, it may be easier and quicker for the finder to locate the owner.

2. Lost animals rarely show up on the doorstep. Therefore, we recommend that you start as quickly as possible with the search. Ask your family members and your friends to help you. First, visit the familiar locations you've already visited with your pets or you can start to search around your house and then move around to increase the search radius.

3. Lost animals often find themselves in an animal shelter, so be sure to try to look for your animal in a local shelter. 

4. Use a photo of your lost animal and print and post the flyer on the surrounding buildings where the image and information about the lost animal will be visible for others. But remember to add your contact number on the flyer, so the potential finder can contact you.

5. You can also post the previously mentioned flyers in digital form on social networks and various animal-friendly websites and on the local radio station, which can quickly advertise your lost animal information.

6. Finally, do not forget to check and visit local veterinary or police stations. One of the two stations can become the first place, where someone can try to return the lost animal, that he just found.

Our website can be a great help for pet owners who need help looking for their pets. RewardHero can activate the local base of heroes in your area, to help inform them that your animal is lost. But first, you need to make sure that your pets are equipped with a RewardHero ID tag.

And what do you need to do if you have labeled your pet with a Rewardhero ID tag?

1. Click and sign in to the RewardHero website.
2. Locate the ID of your dog and report your pet as lost.
3. Wait until a hero appears who will find and report your pet as found.
4. Reward your hero.