Lost animal! What can you do?

Posted 20. April 2019

Found dog, found cat or found snake. What can you do if you find animal that is lost? If you find a lost animal, you must first inform the local shelter that is usually operated by the local veterinary clinic. Try to restrain the lost animal at the very stage of surrender by fencing or tethering it. If the lost animal does not present a danger, then try to check if the animal is marked with any ownership mark. Check the tags on the collar so you can quickly find the owner's contact.

If the lost animal does not have the required marking, the animal will need to be identified by the veterinarian, of course, if the lost animal is properly chipped. Most often, however, it is good to stay with the lost animal in the area where you found the animal, as there is a good chance that the animal has lost its place in a home street, but because of confusion, it cannot find its way home.

We advise all owners to tag their animals by affixing the owner's contact number to the collar to which a finder could contact. And if you want to protect your identity and at the same time allow the potential finder to return the animal to you, then we definitely recommend using the RewardHero system.