Lost and Found Mobile phone

Lost and Found Mobile phone
Posted 28. August 2020

If you go for an outing to grab a coffee from a coffee shop or for shopping and leave your mobile phone on the table, it's quite possible that some honest person will turn the item in at the counter and you can come back later to claim it as long as you remember where you left it.

Usually, larger shops, arenas, concert halls, theme parks, and so on have few offices that provide service similar to lost and found. But again, at least you must have a general understanding of where the mobile was lost, and you can only assume that whoever found your lost item, that person did not just decide to keep it for himself/herself.

So, wouldn't it be good if there was a general service that was all-purpose lost-and-found that didn't need you to know where your valuables were missing? And wouldn't it be wonderful if the finder had an opportunity to return your missing item instead of just pocketing it? Precisely these are the concepts behind our Lost and Found Services.


Fastening ID tags on the phone

Usually, the programs require you to buy labels, stickers, or names of a few kinds and fasten them to the mobile phone you need to keep track of. The individual who finds your lost phone can either call a toll-free number or visit the website and enter the ID number on the mobile phone.

Depending on the benefit, the discoverer may at that point be educated of a reward for returning the item—and which will be one simply supply, or one that the benefit gives (paid for by your membership expenses).

At this point, a few administrations send you a message from the finder, allowing you to create your claim courses of action for getting the thing back. In other cases, the benefit organizes for the mysterious return of the thing (ordinarily at your cost) and conveyance of the remunerate to the discoverer.

Sadly, even the prospect of a reward cannot lead to the return of the stolen phone rather than merely lost. But if the police later recover stolen items, the ID tags provide a way for them to get in contact with the rightful owner and arrange for the return of the items. Once police recover stolen goods and are unable to ascertain who owns it, then they can simply track the real owner through the id tag provided by our company and then deliver to the owner in no time.

In short, your lost phone will be back in your pocket in no time with our quick and effective lost and found service. The important thing about our lost and found service is that everybody can use it with ease.


Barrier to theft

There is also reason to believe that ID labels provide a barrier to theft, if not their main function. Since the marks are tamper-resistant, they cannot be wiped or took off easily, making it more difficult to resell the stolen items.

So, if the thief happens to stole your lost mobile phone and went to the market to sell it, he will go through quite a difficult time as he will be caught right then and there because of the ID tag on the back of the mobile phone, which will make it clear that It doesn't belong to him and which is, ultimately, stolen. So as long as there is our company id tag on the item, your stuff is safe with us.

So, whenever or wherever you have lost your phone, please explain this in as much detail as possible to help us fit your description to the phone you lost. If you left a phone on a table, select "phone and table" in the form and enter "lying on the table" in the summary. Also, pay particular attention to the Missing Object type section.

Claiming your lost item

Photo ID and the tag number of your phone is needed for all Lost and Found pickups. You will be asked to show your identification when picking up an item, provide contact information (either phone number or e-mail address), and sign for the product before it is issued.


Unclaimed items

Unclaimed products are either donated or disposed of to charitable organizations.

In absolutely no way our company gets or involve in any type of benefit from unclaimed products.


Maximum Storage of your Item

            If during business hours, or during the 30-day maximum storage timeline, you are unable to pick up your missing object, then you can request alternate arrangements. On a case to case basis, reasonable adjustments can include picking up the item at the 24/7 Security Facilities, or if you are out of country/town for an extended period, then our company can provide you with an opportunity for storing the item in the long-term storage. These solutions must be planned so that no inconvenience should bother you or us.


Picking up your item from your friend (Policy)

If the owner is unable to pick up an item in person, then a third party (with documentation of authorization i.e. id tag, etc.) may pick up the item on the owner's behalf. Please contact our company's Lost and Found office to make arrangements.

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