Lost and Found Jewelry

Lost and Found Jewelry
Posted 28. August 2020

Once in your life, you have a list of item been misplaced in different locations. If not, you have seen at least one person who has experienced such a loss. Wherever it occurs, the annoyance of such an event can be overwhelming, when we usually have these very valuable items being stolen or lost especially when jewelry is involved. It's what memories are made of and when it's lost, all those memories associated with it are gone with it.

            So, you would think of some online all-purpose, lost-and-found general service that didn't require you to know where your valuables were missing? And wouldn't it be fantastic if the finder had an opportunity instead of just pocketing it to return your lost item? The ideas behind our Lost and Found Services are exactly these.


Management and Working

            From one unified dashboard, our team can track your online Lost and Found inventory and customer item claims. This makes it easier for our team to engage with the customers efficiently and to encourage further returns. Use the Lost and Found service from our company to:

  • Track your lost and found stock at one location online.
  • Only by taking a picture, add things to the stock. Our system assigns the ID tracking number to it.
  • Communicate effortlessly with customers in the chat feature.
  • Customize claim forms to gather the details required to make matches.
  • Using digital lost and found tools service to check that match the object to the rightful owner.
  • Automated reporting.


Tracking and finding your Lost jewelry

                Typically, the services require you to get some kind of logos, tags, or names and fasten them to the jewelry that you need to keep track of. Anyone who discovers your missing jewelry can either call a toll-free number or visit the website and enter a jewelry ID number. Through that, the information against that id tracking number is shown and is delivered to the right owner easily.

When users find an item with our company tag on it, they can go to the website and enter the code located on the tag then our website will anonymously put the finder in touch with the owner of the lost item, and they can arrange for the delivery of the lost item. Then the owner can reward the finder for returning the lost item.

But If, by any means, the person stole your item and has no intention of returning the item then don't worry if the police later recover that stolen jewelry, the ID tags give them a way to get in touch with the rightful owner and arrange for the things to be returned. When the police retrieve stolen goods and are unable to decide who owns them, then they will easily trace the real owner via our company's Id tag by putting it on the website and get the details of the owner and then deliver to him/her.


Simplify Item Return

Setting up the return of jewelry can often be a long and complicated process. It is easy with the company's online Lost and Found service. You can use the lost and found dashboard online to:

  • Chat with clients to arrange the time and place of the pickup
  • To build shipping labels, use our shipping integration to e-mail invoices to clients
  • Offer clients a variety of shipping options to get their product returned as soon as possible.
  • Print labels for shipment straight from the dashboard
  • Directly from the website, order free shipping supplies


Creating your own Lost and Found account

 You can build a lost and found account with our company lost and found service. This enables you to access our website, search for your products, and file claims. Worried about the rightful owner having objects? Don't worry, our company offers verification resources for our customers. With our company's lost and found website online, you can:

  • Enable you to search for products 24 hours a day.
  • Give you immediate relief when they display their item online.
  • Give you a tool to take immediate action, find your item, and file a claim.
  • Providing a straightforward loss and found the process for you and our employees.


In short, your lost jewelry will be back in your hand in no time with our quick and effective lost and found service. The important thing about our lost and found service is that everybody can use it with ease.


Why us?

We have a specialized lost and found service that mainly deals with abandoned animals that have been stolen or left behind. This involves working closely with hotels, train stations, airports, and arenas for activities, as well as with businesses. We are also dedicated and have a trustworthy reputation within the industry for all other forms of courier work.

Over the years, we love a good lost and found story, especially when jewelry is involved. It’s what memories are made of and when those memories are restored, we couldn't be happier!

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