Lost and found app

Lost and found app
Posted 16. September 2020

Lost and Found App to the rescue in case your phone is lost.

We at RewardHero are launching a Lost and Found app similar to the Finy My Phone app, but with a twist. What the twist will be, you will have to wait and see.

But all things consider in the basic RewardHero app will help you find your phone and other items protected with RewardHero ID.

As in other apps, you can track your phone by turning on your GPS. You can lock your phone over the Internet so that the person who owns it cannot use it, and you also have the option to remotely delete all data on the phone.

And yes, you may be thinking about why you are using the RewardHero application "Lost and Found" when other providers offer similar applications or when iOS and Android offer their services "Find My iPhone" and "Find my Device by Google". Because we will also have features that others do not have because they are primarily focused on finding your phone.

It's not about installing the app on your phone to find your phone when it's lost. Instead, you install the app on someone else's phone to use it while you are trying to find your lost phone, or you simply use the online cloud service to log in and track your phone. You can do this from a computer to track a lost phone.

Are you interested in what you can expect from the RewardHero app? You will have to wait a little because it is currently under development.

Finally, an answer to the question: what to do if your phone is stolen or lost?

If your phone is stolen, the first thing you need to do is prevent a thief from getting your personal information. So go to our app, go to the settings and eneble you will find my device in Android or my iPhone in the iOS ecosystem. With these two services you can delete your personal data.