How to track my lost android phone

How to track my lost android phone
Posted 14. November 2020

OK , So you have just lost your Android phone, now you need to find it, lock it, delete it, but as you do, if you have lost your Android phone or Android tablet or whatever Android OS object like clock, you can track it, find it, delete it.

You can do all these things if you have added a Google Account to your device, such as Find My Device is automatically turned on. Let's see how you can find your Android device if your device is lost.


Lock or delete an Android phone A dead Android phone must be turned on A Google Account must be connected to the phone Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Network must be visible on Google Location must be turned on My device must be turned on My device must be found if all these things we have set up correctly You have a good chance that your phone is not easy to locate


The first thing to do is to go to the & in your Google Account the second thing you need to do when is dial your phone that has been lost. The last phone receives a notification you can see your phone on the map, and when your phone can be found you can see it's last known location, if available great, what do you want to do, if necessary first click on enable and then lock you then do race you can play sound on your phone your fault in this case your phone will ring at full volume for five minutes even if it is on silent or vibrate you can lock your phone with your PIN or password.

You can also delete the device. In this case, all data on your phone except your SD card will be permanently deleted after you delete the device.

So no matter what you want to do, make sure that nobody gets your personal data. At best, you can track your phone and get your phone back, but if everything goes wrong in this case, you can delete all files and protect your personal data and make it harder for someone else to use your phone - good luck tracking down your Android phone.