How to Find A Lost Device

How to Find A Lost Device Using Service ID Tags?

Are you the forgetful type? You can’t seem to keep track of where you dropped those small yet crucial things like your car keys, a phone, or even your glasses? Do you have so much on your mind, it’s kind of hard to keep track of seemingly inessential things? Well, there’s hope for you.

You can keep track of any item or device you easily misplace by getting trackers on them. These trackers can sometimes come as an ID tag. You’ll also need to download a corresponding app to keep track of your devices. These ID tags are small objects made up of a chip and an antenna to pick up signals. These ID tags can either be attached to or placed inside the device they are meant to keep track of. Some ID tags work based on barcode technology, while some make use of RFID technology. Barcode technology would require a line of sight to scan the barcode, which contains information.

RFID tags do not require a line of sight to work. RFID is short for “Radio-Frequency Identification.” It makes use of the earth’s electromagnetic field to locate and identify tags that have been attached or embedded to objects. RFID tags work in two ways; they can either be passive or active. Active RFID tags are battery-powered and have more excellent coverage, while Passive RFID tags make use of a reader that makes use of the electromagnetic field. These types of readers can be mobile or stationary. The tag and the reader must have the same frequency for this to work.

Purchasing any of these ID tags will ensure that the days of seeking lost items are gone. They are small, cheap, and readily accessible.