How to find a lost cat

Are you one of those people who lost their cat? Are you wanting when the will return on their own! It must be heartbreak when you realize that you are missing your beloved cat. So what can you do when something like that occurs? Do you put up posters in your neighborhood? Do you go around calling the cats name?  Do you check if your cat is stuck up a tree. Or do you feel safe, because you know that cats have a homing instinct which in many cases can serve cat to find the way back home, no matter how far it is. Aldo most indoor cats tend not to travel far, outdoor cats are more likely to go explore the world and while exploring the word something like barking dogs or loud traffic may scare them, so they simply run until they are lost.

So what can you do to find your lost cat? Try these ideas:

1) Think like a cat, be like a cat. Look from the cat's perspective, check the garages on your street, check your neighbors garden, check the trees near your home.

2) Use and leave a missing cat report with your local shelters or your veterinarian

3) Knock on your neighbor's doors and alert them with the information about your cat being lost.

4) Stop people in your area and show them the picture of your cat while asking them if they saw your cat.

5) Try calling your cat with come command or by calling its name.

6) Use your flashlight and try to shine some light in dark places.

7) Make sure that someone stays at home, because lost cat return on it's own.

8) Improve your odds by microchipping your cat or with a collar with a tag (yes just like RewardHero ID tag)