Find my phone

Find my phone
Posted 14. February 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you think your phone has gone missing? The panic, frantic feeling, and outburst of fear and anxiety when you can't feel your phone in your pocket. The next step is to is retrace your steps and think what was the last place you think you might have dropped it.

Well, you might be in luck, as you don't always have to retrace your steps. Although if that works for you, then OK. But then, technology has made life a lot easier.

 If you lost your phone, there are few options to find it. First off, there is an app provided by google called 'find my device.' This app will help you locate your phone, and you can lock it or even erase the entire phone's data.

Extra Tip: Preparation is essential. You have to know that nobody ever plans to have their phones go missing, but we can't help it. According to statistics, over 2000 mobile phones get stolen every sixty minutes. Hence, you must switch on your mobile device's trackability, just if the unexpected takes place.

 How to switch on 'Find My Device' on your iPhone

Ensure that you have the Find My Device option turned on:

  • Launch the Settings application
  • Press the Security and Location option
  • Click on Find My Device. Please switch it on.

Switch on the location:

  • Launch the Settings application
  • Tap the Security & Location, and then click the location
  • Then, switch on the Location option.

How to switch on "Find My Mobile" on your Samsung

If you are using a Samsung phone, these are the steps to take;

  • Launch your settings application
  • Click the Biometrics and Security
  • Click on Find My Mobile and switch it on.

To enhance the accuracy of your location:

  • Launch your phone's settings
  • Click on the Biometrics and Security
  • Scroll to location
  • Click on Improve Location Accuracy 

Adding alternate contact information to your mobile phone's lock screen

You could improve the chances of locating your phone to set up a lock screen message using the alternate contact information.

According to statistics, it is said that phones with such messages are likely to be returned to the original owners when found. Setting up this message is not difficult. All you have to do is:

  • Launch your mobile phone's settings
  • Click Lock screen
  • Click on the contact information.
  • Here, you enter your desired information.
  • Finally, click on save.

Now, you have taken all the precautions in case your mobile phone is returned if found. However, what happens in case where your phone is nowhere to be found? Here are three expert techniques you can try if you find yourself in such a situation.

 Three ways to find your lost phone

Use your Google Maps to track your mobile phone's location

  • First, visit
  • Sign in with your Gmail account and enter your password
  • When viewing the map, you will see your phone's approximate location. In the case you can't find the device, the map will let you know where the last known location is (if it's available).

You have three options from the map page - find, and lock or erase your mobile phone's memory information:

  1. Make it ring: Even though the default mode was silent or vibration, your mobile device will still ring out (and very loud too).
  2. Lock your device: Using your current PIN, you can decide to lock your device. You can create a new PIN if you don't have one.
  3. Erase your phone memory: You can do this remotely to protect your personal information.

If you are trying to find your device through the 'Find My Mobile" or "Find My Phone" options and it's not successful. Then it is because your mobile phone does not have any available internet connection at the time.

Extra Tip:

Using your smart home speaker to find your phone: If you've lost your cell, and you know it's in your building, your speaker might come in handy here. Just ensure that your speaker and your mobile phone are logged in to the same account.