AirTags can be used as a theft tool for stealing cars.

AirTags have become very popular among Apple users. They are used for finding your items like keys and wallet, you can put them in your kids’ pocket so if they get lost we can find them.

The problem arises when a thief can use an AirTag to steal something from you.

AirTags have been used on cars. A thief can go to the parking lot and finds a car that he likes and puts an AirTag somewhere where no one can see it. AirTags are magnetic so they can stick to metal.

They can put them behind a license plate or even in the gas tank cap aria. At night they can just track that car and steal it.

To prevent that from happening, there are ways that we can be smarter than a thief. We can get notifications that an AirTag is near us, scan it, and then destroy it. We can take the battery out and disable it. We can also call the police, maybe they can find some fingerprints and find out who put an AirTag on your car. We can put our own AirTag on the car so that we can get it back.

For android users, there is also an option. Apple created an Android version of an app that is called Tracker detect. With this app, you can track an AirTag. If an AirTag is around you for more than 20 minutes you can scan around and find it because of a Bluetooth frequency. The AirTag can be in your pocket, in your purse, or stuck in your car.

AirTags are a very useful thing, but they can also be dangerous. We just need to have as much information as possible so that we can prevent something like a stolen car from happening.