Airport Lost and Found, Who to Contact?

Traveling is fun but the stress you go through before flying is just too much. You have to get to the airport early enough to get checked in or you are gonna miss your flight. Your luggage must not weigh more than the stipulated weight. You have all these things to worry about. The stress of losing something at the airport should not be added. 

You are already stressed enough, so the stress of losing your belongings should not be added. However, if you discover that one of your items is missing, you should not panic about getting it back.

The airport service has dramatically increased in the past few years. Rarely an item goes missing and when it does, there are several options for tracking and finding them. Rest assured, your item will be found and delivered to you.

However, knowing the right Lost and found section of the airport where your missing item is most likely to be can be quite tricky. 

TSA Lost and Found

The items that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) keeps, are the ones being left behind by passengers at the security checkpoint during screening. 

While removing your belt, emptying your luggage, removing your shoes, and all at the security checkpoint, if you leave anything behind, the TSA will keep it, and you can retrieve it from them.

You will be directed to the Lost and found section of the TSA. Once your complaint is received, the TSA will search their Lost and found to confirm if your item is there. If the item is found, they will arrange for it to be sent to you.

Airport Lost and Found (Terminal & Parking Areas)

You should only contact the airport Lost and found if you lost your personal belongings anywhere in the airport, excluding the security checkpoint line. Reach out to the airport Lost and found section by calling the airport and requesting your call be directed to the Lost and found section.

Once you have been directed, tender your complaint and a description of the item that is missing.

The airport Lost and found will swing into action once they receive your complaint and descriptions. If the item is in Lost and found, arrangements will be made so you receive it back.

Airline Lost and Found (Airline)

If you lost your item while on board, you should contact the airline. If you can't get ahold of them, contact the airport of your departure to get the airline Lost and found contact information so you can reach out to them.

Once you reach them and tender your complaint with a full description of the missing item, they will check their Lost and found if the item is there. Arrangements will be made for you to get it back. If not, they will keep looking for it. Once it is found, you will be contacted.


Knowing the right thing to do will save you a lot of stress and energy. 

Whenever you are in this situation, do not panic. Instead, think of the place where most likely you may have lost the item and contact that section.