How to find lost wallet

Losing a wallet is a terrible thing. If you have ever lost a wallet, you will understand the shock and unhappiness that comes when you confirm that your wallet is missing.

Indeed, there is going to be confusion everywhere. You will be nearly frustrated while trying to affirm if the wallet was stolen or you had misplaced it. Meanwhile, you wouldn't want to spend more time analyzing if it was stolen or you had placed it somewhere because of the valuables that are in it.

Often than not, the wallet is one of the safest and most handy kits to store some of our valuable things like a credit card, debit card, Identification Card, and many others. If some of the financial cards get into the hands of thieves, the consequences might be more than just losing a wallet.

Consequently, it would be best if you acted, and the faster, the better. If you find yourself in such a devastating condition, here are five things you should do.

Deactivate Your Debit Card

The first and imperative thing to do is put a call through to your financial institution. Since your debit card is connected with your savings in the bank, it is pertinent that you cancel the card to avoid being used by the person who stole your wallet or someone who is just fortunate to find it.

 In most cases, the bank will ask that you review the transactions that have taken place to confirm if the card belongs to you. Also, an embargo is placed on the card that will automatically restrict its access to your account. This is done to confirm if anyone has tried to use the card since the wallet was declared missing.

 Reasonably, you don't have to walk into the bank to tender this complaint. Most banks use online platforms where you can report a stolen or lost card. If you cannot get through with the online platforms or mobile apps, you might have to call your bank. Once the card is canceled, you can file for a new one.

Cancel your Credit Card

Once you report the case of your stolen card to your local bank, you should also call your credit card company. However, most credit card companies alert users when there is an unusual purchase using the card. It's better if you don't have to wait for that.

 It would help if you let them know that the card has gone missing to prevent any fraudulent activity.

 Report to the Police

You might wonder if it is wise or right to report cases of stolen or lost wallet at the Police Station. It is a smart thing to do. You don't know who stole the wallet and for what purpose, you should take every precautionary step to prevent fraudulent activity with your identity.

 Your Identity cards, like a driver's license, could be in the wallet. Reporting at the police station safe you from stress and probation should your identity be used for unlawful activity.

Update Your Accounts with New Details

You would not know the importance of automatic bill payments online until you lost your card or get a new one. Once you get your new card, you have to update all your accounts with your new card details.

 Update your utility bill account, your phone and internet should be updated, and every other necessary account.

 File for A New Drivers License

Now that it is apparent that you lost your wallet or whoever who stole is not returning any of the contents in it, you should consider getting a new driver's license.

 Although, understandably, no one wants to visit the department of note vehicles, especially to get a new license. However, that's the appropriate thing to do if you're going to keep using your car in the country. 

Take Away

Losing a wallet is not fun. The unhappiness it brings is overwhelming. Nevertheless, you can't undo what has been done. Life must continue. Instead of getting yourself devastated by the situation, try to do the things listed in this review to reduce the extent of its effect and get things back to normal.