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What does it mean to be a member of RewardHero ERT?

ERT stands for emergency response team, that means that we want to establish a group of people, that are always ready, to answer the call when somebody needs help. That call in our case mean that menders in certain city will receive email notification that someone lost his stuff in the city were you are living or working.

All you need to do as a member of RewardHero ERT when the message arrives is to be active and alerted in search for the lost item. You can notify your friends or share this information among the other people of your city.

So if you want to become a member of RewardHero ERT just sign in above with your email and your city. If you are active in multiple cities just repeat the registration process for different city.


All members of RewardHero ERT will offer there time and their help and in exchange they also receive help when they lose something. In case that a member of RewardHero ERT loses something, they can alert other members of ERT team for help.

All members of RewardHero ERT will receive double reward when they found lost item. First reward is from the owner of the product and the second is from RewardHero system.

Members of RewardHero ERT will receive gifts and discounts from our partners.

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