Whistle keychain can help you

Posted 16. September 2017

I hate, just hate the moments, when I have to go out of the house, but my keys are nowhere to be found. So what do I do ? I check all the pockets in all the jackets, pants, I check the counters, tables, all the places that I usually put my keys. But no no and no.. my car keys are simply lost in my home. How do I know that ? Haha I know because I drove home last night. Ok I decide that I'm gonna use my wife's car, I took her keys, and when I wanted to put my shoes on I felt something strange in my shoes ... yes .. my car key were in my shoes.

On that day I decided that I have to do something about that, and I did. I bought myself a whistle keychain that is now attached to my car keys, and now whenever I don't find my keys, I just whistle.