Where's my car?

Posted 16. September 2017

You’re in the rush … you drive to the mall, search for the first open spot, park the car and run in. Hours later, when leaving the mall, you forgot where you parked your car. What can you do?

  • Remember the path… did you walk straight or did you made turns when walking to the entry of the building?
  • Watch for the level area signs… the easiest way to spot these is by using elevator… just check on which floor you entered from.
  • Try to spot some characteristic signs.. like something on the floors or the walls… billboards, signs, graffiti…
  • Use your remote to click and search for the blinks of your lights… when doing that.. always do it twice at every spot… first for unock and then for lock… because maybe you just opened the car for someone… be careful.
  • Buy a unique car. If everybody in your city buys sedan, gray ones… buy a yellow SUV… it will be easier to find. Of course, ask yourself if you really like that color.