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Posted 07. March 2016

You are in a rush-hour trying to find a taxi, because you are already late to very important meeting,  but there isn't any taxi around.The phone rings and yes It's your boss asking you where the hell are you. Just when you try to explain the situation the taxi pulls over. You quickly put your phone away while giving the taxi drugged directions. The ride is fast and you made it to the meeting,  but without your phone. Yes it stayed in the taxi. So what to do to prevent this kind of situation?

1. Be fast... Call the taxi service office, so they contact your driver.

2. Be nice... While driving talk to the driver, be polite and leave a tip.

3. Be careful.. Always look back, when you are leaving the taxi.

4. Be systematic.. Have a mental check list, so you always check if the main accessories are with you.