Service for lost and found

Posted 07. March 2016

Rewardhero lost and found service is a service that can help you in your moment's of distress. Protect your mobile electronics or anything else with Rewardhero identification label. If that item is lost and somebody finds it he or she can easily return it by simply retyping the unique code from the label to the website The owner will be notified, and he will determine where and how the finder or by Rewardhero standards so called " HERO " will meet.

Ok but what happen if your protected item is not founded yet, that means that you haven't receive any notification, what can you do then? You can login to Rewardhero personal management system find the item that is missing and hit Report as lost. Rewardhero team wiil receive an alert and will notify local radio station that protected item is missing.

Rewardhero lost and found service is all about, finding stuff, promoting honesty, giving rewards and celebrating the heroes.