Rewarding honesty

Posted 09. July 2018

For contact RewardHero you need to remember two hashtags that we are using. Those hashtags are #rewardinghonesy and #lostandfoundtag. With the hashtag #rewardinghonesty we would like to spread the word about our system that is rewarding honesty. We can say that rewarding honesty is our mission statement.

The facts are simple. More security cameras in public spaces mean that alienation of the found object can be recognised as a theft, which is also penalized. So, in case you find a lost object, it's definitely not worth keeping it.

The second fact is that that most found object does not have a great monetary value for the finder, which is not necessarily the case for the owner of the lost item. Lost and later found backpack can be worth only USD 30 for the finder, meanwhile, the owner is offering a reward of USD 100. Why? Simply because the owner is emotionally attached to it.

Whatever the reason, our mission is very simple. If something is lost, we as RewardHero and owner of the object lost will offer a reward to anybody who will help return the lost item.

The first reward will be given by the owner of the lost item and the second reward finder will receive from the RewardHero system. Each honest finder receives a code for a USD 10 that he can use to purchase products in our online store.

Of course, we recommend that you also register with our RewardHero SOS system.