Lost no more

Lost no more
Posted 07. March 2016

Did you ever lost something? How did you feel?

What’s your reaction when something is lost? Were you angry, were you crying, were you just sad, or were you affraid. Yes there can be many reactions on a simple fact that we never know, who will find our stuff. You can be angry if you lost your flash drive with the 20 page project documentation saved on it - you spent 2 weeks to prepare that project and now it is gone.

You can be crying if you lost a phone with the number of the beautifull girl that gave you her private number at the party. You can be sad if you lost something that was very important to you like a picture or something not so much worth in money as in emotions. You can be affraid it you lost your wallet or your keys with address tab on them, because you never know who can visit you at your home to steal from you some more. Yes a lot of things can go wrong when you lose stuff. So my advice is, start protecting your stuff with Rewardhero lost and found ID sistem and your stuff will be lost no more. You will meet a honest people that will react without knowing your personal information. So strart protecting and maybe you will soon be able to find your personal hero.