Lost and found truth fact

Posted 07. March 2016

Everyday something get's losted.. No mather who you are, young or old, poor or rich, he or she, nobody or somebody, we are all lossing our stuff all the time. All over the world millions of object are missing. and we're not talking about stolen stuff, we're talking about simple act of forgeting somenting small in the coffe shop, or the counter in the store. Even you - yes you who are reading this post lost something in the past year.  Just think about it.. did you lost your mobile, ipod, wallet, money, keys, documents, passport, personal ID card,  usb flash drive, digital camera, bag, favourite pen, car keys, notebook, tablet pc, bluetooth earphone and it can go on and on and on. And the first think when you realised that something is missing  is called  PANIC ATTACK. No matther  what are you doing at that time, everything stops and you start the big quest of searching the stuff that you lost. And this quest can be a long jurney when in the end you dont' find your object.

So let't calculate what happens when you lost something:

  • you lose money .. every object has a money value
  • you lose time .. when you search for the item that you lost
  • you lose your mind.. when you lost something important
  • you lose your security.. when lost object is wallet or home keys

And in the and I ask you. Do you still think that losing stuff is so innocente ?