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Posted 25. September 2018

What is our second thought when we lose something? How to inform as many people as soon as possible that we have lost something and that we need help finding our stuff. And when thinking of where to get that fast communication. the radio is one of the best options that you have. Radio is the ideal medium for getting your word out. 

The reasons are:

A quick reaction
The speed of producing the announcement on the radio station may take only a few minutes. If we exclude social networks, we can say that the radio has the fastest possible reaction from notification to production.  And when you lose something, speed is crucial.

Great reach
Of course, social networks are great when we need to inform a large number of people, but the radio definitely wins over social media concerning who can more accurately inform those people who can be most helpful when finding our stuff.

The motivation of the listeners
The best thing about a quality radio station is that radios have loyal listeners. And radio can talk to their listeners, the radio can activate local people to help find someones lost item

Local affiliation
A good local radio station will always consider the latest news that occurs in the radio station's broadcasting area. And if something is lost in that area, then this is something that radio can communicate to their public. Because the listeners can connect to that information 

Radio is a great channel, but many people simply do not take advantage of this option because they fear that they will be involved in the live radio broadcast. And that is why we recommend using the RewardHero system. RewardHero system will inform all radio stations that are linked with the RewardHero system in your area.