Lost and found keys

Posted 16. September 2017

Did you lose your car key, your office key, home key, safe key or some other key that unlocks all the secrets of your life? Losing keys can jeopardize your safety.

  • The first rule is: never write the address of the thing that your key is meant to open. If you want to write something, write your unlisted phone number. Otherwise you can get visits that you don’t want.
  • Attach a big keychain that will make your keys easier to find. Another option is to attach a paging device that you can activate when you lose it..
  • Make a spare key, and give it to your friend in case you lose your copy.
  • Put your keys all together in one place, one shelf, one bowl… anywhere that you will always look.
  • In your keys are not found when lost … change your locks.