Ever lost a wallet?

Are you the type of person that carries your whole life in your wallet…  everything from your driver’s license, credit cards, Id cards from all those ‘hot clubs’ you just joined, photos, to that receipt for that furby you bought for your cousin for Christmas in 1998? Just for fun, try to imagine what it would be like to lose your wallet. Now calculate all the expenses that you will have replacing all that stuff.  That’s not a small number, is it? And of course, now you won’t ever be able to return that stinkin’ furby.

Ok let’s see what we can do about it…

- Always put your wallet in the same pocket. In the moment of panic you will know instinctively where to look first.

- When leaving home, try to remember to check if you have your wallet with you every time you sit in the car.

-  Try buying an unusual wallet that is big or brightly colored. If lost it will be easier to find.

- Today you can buy wallets that also hold your phone, so you can join your phone with all your credit cards and money.. Because we use our phones often, it will be harder to lose… and if you lose it… you can call it.

- Minimize! – Don’t  put everything in your wallet… You don’t need everything all the time.

- Keep your business card in your wallet, or some contact information note… so the finder can call you.. On that card write: IF YOU FIND MY LOST WALLET THERE IS A BIG REWARD WAITING FOR YOU.