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Found something that was lost?

How does Rewardhero work?

Every item bought in RewardHero.com store is equipped with special ID number.

1. Buy it!

In our online store you can buy items, that are usually easy to loose, or items that will help you, so you won't lose your stuff so often.

2. Automatic activation

Every item bought is equipped with a special RewardHero ID number that is automatically activated in the system.

3. System activation

If you lost an item protected with RewardHero ID number, you have the power to activate the search party with the click of the button.

Click and become the hero

Register your email and the city you live at, and receive notification if someone loses something in your city.


Rewardhero.com is service for lost and found. Everybody can use RewardHero.com with ease. All you need to do is to buy RewardHero ID protection and register your items like phones, wallet, USB sticks or pets. If your stuff gets lost, the finder, your hero can return what you have lost.

For now RewardHero service is being overhauled, but we will return soon with everything enabled. Till then please register your email as a RewardHero team of Heroes.

We will never stop!

There are too many things that are lost daily, and consequently we spend too much time searching for lost things


ID tags

registered in the system



RewardHero users



are lost or misplaced yearly by individual person

Lost wallet

Lost wallet - Big problem - Surely you have experienced losing your wallet. If not you, you must know at least one person that experienced this kind of loss. 

30. August 2019
Treasure hunt Slovenija
14. July 2019
Lost animal! What can you do?

Found dog, found cat or found snake. What can you do if you find animal that is lost? What can you do?

20. April 2019
Lost animals
20. April 2019
We're looking for a RewardHero promoter

If you are looking for an opportunity for a new business and you do not have the necessary finance to start the business, then contact us. We are currently looking for new promoters for different countries.

07. November 2018
Report lost, report found

When you lose or found something social networks are the key to find or return the stuff you found. And RewardHero can offer a social media help to everybody.

04. November 2018

Rewardhero classic - ID protection

Our ID indentification label can be your safty line in case someone finds your stuff. All he has to do is to contact Rewardhero.com.

Rewardhero Glow in the dark

For everybody that can easily miss place your stuff. Our ID label is covered with Glow in the dark material, so in case of losing something, you can help yourself. All you need is darkness.