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Service for lost and found items

Lost and found service

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Every journey begins with small steps!Make a first step in protecting your property!
Stepsto activate

1. Buy

If you want to use RewardHero lost and found service, the first thing to do is to buy  unique RewardHero ID labels, that you're gonna use when protecting your property.


2. Registration

When you receive your RewardHero package, the first think you have to do is to register or log in to the RewardHero site. All your personal data is safe, because RewardHero is build around protecting your personal data.


3. Activation

Congratulations, after successfully registered to the RewardHero service, now you can attach the label to your item and with retyping the code and entering basic information protect your stuff with RewardHero Id label.


4. Report lost

You have lost your item! All you have to do is to login to your profile page and  check the box lost with the location and reward information entered and we will alert local radio station.


5. Founded

Somebody founded your item, followed the instructions on the RewardHero label and with entering your unique ID number, starts the proces of returning the object. You receive the message about finders contact information.


6. Rewarded

You receive message that your item was found. Now all you have to do is to set the place and time to meet your hero. You will receive your iitem and reward your hero. The finder of your lost item will also receive the Rewardhero prize for his honesty.