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Questions and answers


What is the main perpuse of the Rewardhero page?
Rewardhero is website that was created with only one perpus - enabling  everybody that they have a tool in the case of  loosing any objectla, or simply finding an object and returning to the owner. With this ackt of honesty, you can save somebody a lot of troubles, and that's why you deserve a reward. Rewardhero website has only one tool ...unique ID label that can eneble you to protect your asset. 

Is my personal data safe ?
All personal date that you provide while regestrating, are protected with secure incoding. 

The site doesn't displays correctly, what should I do?
If you are using Internet Explorer 6, there can be some errors in displaying all elements of the site. Please update your Internet Explorer or start using other browsers like Firefox or Google Crome.

How to protect your item with rewardhero label:
Step no. 1 Buy rewardhero label at lost and found shop
Step no. 2 Register as a Rewardhero user register entry
Step no. 3 Stick your Rewardhero label on your item and activate the label lost and found protection

What to do when I lose my protected item:
Step no. 1 Login as rewardhero user at the top right.
Step no. 2 Locate your item between all protected items that you have
Step no. 3 Set location and reward for lost item and hit send

What do I do when I found item with rewardhero label:
Step no. 1 Click on Report lost and found reward for honesty
Step no. 2 Retype the code in the label and type your personal contact information and hit send



Is registration and login mandatory?
For buying the label or viewing the Rewardhero site the registration is not mandatory. But if you would like to activate your label and use all features of Rewardhero sistem then you have to register to Rewardhero site.

Is registration free?

The registration on the Rewardhero website is and will always be free.


What if my label wears off?

Rewardhero label is made from wery durrable material, but nomether the quality label can wear off. If your Rewardhero label wears off you can always return it and we will send you a new label  back to you. In that case you will need to reactivate the label.

How can I use my Rewardhero label ?
The use of Rewardhero ID label tag is unlimited. We can only advise you that you use the label with the object that you constantly use. Such object are objects like: Mobile phone, wallet, keys, gaming gadgets, flash drives or maybe your pets. Nomather the case , just use Rewardhero label on visible site, because the finder of your lost object - your hero, must be able to see the label, ackt on instruction on the label and claim his reward.

What should I do in case of selling the protected item?
If you sell your protected item, remove the label, because othervise in case of loosing, the phone woun't be return to rightfull owner.


How can I pay for  Rewardhero labels?
Currently you can buy label over two paying systems: Paypal and Moneybookers. When payed, you can print your receipt. Your labels will be sent over postal service.

Can I buy the label at any local store ?
For now you can buy your Rewardhero pack only on  www.rewardhero.com.  But soon you will be able to buy your Rewardhero pack at your lokal store. 

How long does it takes, that Rewardhero pack arrives to my home ?
You should receive your Rewardhero mail in 3 days.


Why do I have to activate the label?
Vsaka nalepka ima unikatno kodo, katera trenutno nima dodeljenega lastnika. Ko kupite nalepko tej kodi določite lastnika. Postopek aktivacije je preprost, prepišite kodo ter pripišite vaše osebne kontaktne podatke ter na koncu pritisnite Aktiviraj nalepko.

Is my Rewardhero label unique?
Yes your Rewardhero label is unique. The unique code on the label protects your personal information. You don't need to mark your items with your personal details like your phone number, or your home address. Those data can be used against you, and your privacy. Rewardhero anables that nobody can't directly contact with you, but it contact you throught Rewardhero sistem.

What happens when Rewardhero label is activated?
Ko enkrat aktivirate nalepko je vaše delo na spletni strani končano. Ob aktivaciji ste namreč vnesli vaš zahtevek, da zaščiten predmet vodimo v evidenci zaščitenih predmetov. Ob morebitni izgubi, pa boste obveščeni preko emaila o najdenem predmetu. Rewardhero sistem je avtomatski sistem.

Which email adress should I use when regetrating on the site?
Use your primary mail, because in case that your object is found, that's the email, you will receive the notification.



I have lost an object that was protected with Rewardhero ID label?
If you losted your protected item, login to Rewardhero members site, select the item that you losted  and report it as lost. Team Rewardhero  will receive your report and ackt on it. When you report your item, you will also receive an option to post your message on facebook. If you are a member of facebook publish that on your facebook wall.


I have found the object with the Rewardhero label on it?
If you founded an object with Rewardhero label on it all you have to do is retype the unique code in the section  Report found  . Input your contact information and hit send. The owner of the object will receive a message with your contact information. The owner will contact you and notify you where and when you're gonna met.

I have found the object without Rewardhero label?
If you founded object, that does't have Rewardhero label on it, send us notification about that object on report@rewardhero.com, and Rewardhero team will try to find the owner of that object. And you will also be rewarded with free rewardhero label.


I have lost an object and I would like to offer the Reward?
If you lose your object, all you need to do is log in to Rewardhero site , find the object that you lost in the archive and set the object as losted.. If you mark object as lost, input the last known location, and the reward for finder. 

How big should the reward be for my hero ?
How big the reward should be is not determent by Rewardhero, but it is determent by the owner of the losted item. When setting a reward for your lost item please consider the factors like: the time when your item is returned, the item worth, emotional relationship with the item ... The reward is running in the Rewardhero blood, so please always reward your hero.

Is rewarding mandatory?
Rewarding is wanted, but  not mandatory.


I would like to sell Rewardhero labels ?
If you like business Rewardher, and would like to sell Rewardhero labels in your store, Please contact marko@rewardhero.com


Package with Rewardhero labels.
Rewardhero package should be oppened only person older then 15 year, some parts of package are safty hassard, because they can lead to chocking or other troubles related with breading.