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Service for lost and found items

Lost and found service

The hardest moment is when you realise that you lost something important!We can't prevent losing stuff, but we can help find your lost item!
How does the RewardHero system work
Click and watch how does the RewardHero system work.
There is a solution !
Register with Rewardhero.com and we will find a special discount for you.
Things can get lost.
You will be better prepared when losing stuff. Simply buy RewarHero ID tags.

Basic steps

Start by buying the protection, when bought activate the unique ID, if you found item with RewardHero label report found

Lost and found service

Lost and found subject is a big matter in todays crazy lost word. Our days are stressed and rushed every single day. Of course everywhere we go, we need to take with us our phone, wallet, keys, GPS unit, Bluetooth headset, notebook and whole bunch of thinks.

The industry made our lives easy by making all this accessories smaller and this is the reason why we lost our stuff so frequently. And the first think to to is to Google for the websites hoping that somebody found our stuff and post it on some website.

Rewardhero solution is one of many solutions that can help you to prevent losing beside your item, a lot of that extra time, trying to Google for solutions, or visit lost and found departments, or scouting and trying to investigate where your stuff really is.

Rewardhero lost and found service is a service where every lost items can be traced. 

RewardHero site is designed so everybody can use it. If you buy your lost and found protection you need to register and activate label unique code.

But if you found something that has RewardHero label on it, you don't need to register, all you need to do retype the code and give your contact information.   

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